Eche man telles me I chaunge of my devise

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1    Eche man . telles{es} me I chaun{_u}ge of my devise
2    & on{_o} my faithe me think it good reson
3    to chaun{_u}ge porpos even after the{{th}+e+} season
4    for yn everye case to kepe still on guse
5    ys mete for them / that{{th}+t+} wold be takin wise
6    and I am not of suche manner{n’} con{_o}dicion{_on}
7    But tretid after / after{t’} adyvers fasshion
8    and therevppon my dyver{v’}snes doth ryse
9    but you that blame this diuer{u’}snes most.
10    chaung / you nomore but still after on rate.
11    trete / ye me well & kepe ye the{{th}+e+} same state.
12    and whilis with{w+t+} me doth dwell this werid goste.
13    my wordes{es} norI shall never be varyable
14    but alwaies as yor owne bothe ferme & stable/


3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt (Rebholz 1978, 86), this poem was entered by H8. The poem also appears in Tottel’s Miscellany under the title “Of change in minde” (item 46) (2010, 44-45). The speaker justifies his fickleness.

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5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 1 Eche] Eache AAH02 EChe STC_13860_06 man .] man AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06 telles me] me tellithe AAH02 me telleth LEge08 me telth, STC_13860_06 chaunge] change STC_13860_06 of] most AAH02 STC_13860_06 moost LEge08 devise] deuise: STC_13860_06
2 &] and AAH02 LEge08 And, STC_13860_06 faithe] faith LEge08 faith, STC_13860_06 think] thinck AAH02 LEge08 thinke STC_13860_06 good] goode LEge08 reson] reason AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06
3 to] To AAH02 STC_13860_06 chaunge] change STC_13860_06 porpos] propose LEge08 porpos even] purpose lyke AAH02 purpose, like STC_13860_06 even] like LEge08 season] season. STC_13860_06
4 for] ffor AAH02 LEge08 for yn everye] For in ech STC_13860_06 yn] in AAH02 LEge08 everye] every LEge08 case] cas LEge08 kepe] keepe AAH02 on] one AAH02 STC_13860_06 oon LEge08 guse] guyse AAH02 gyse LEge08 guise STC_13860_06
5 ys] Is STC_13860_06 mete] meete AAH02 mytt LEge08 them /] them AAH02 theim LEge08 them, STC_13860_06 wold] would LEge08 STC_13860_06 takin] taken AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06 wise] wyse AAH02 LEge08 wise. STC_13860_06
6 and] And STC_13860_06 am] ame LEge08 suche] such STC_13860_06 manner] maner AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06 condicion] condicon AAH02 condition LEge08 condicion: STC_13860_06
7 But] but AAH02 LEge08 tretid] treatid AAH02 treted LEge08 treated STC_13860_06 after /] after AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06 after adyvers] a dyvers AAH02 LEge08 a diuers STC_13860_06 fasshion] facion AAH02 fashion: STC_13860_06
8 and] And STC_13860_06 therevppon] thearvpppon AAH02 therupon LEge08 STC_13860_06 my] any LEge08 dyversnes] dyvernes LEge08 diuersnesse STC_13860_06 doth] doeth LEge08 ryse] rise LEge08 rise. STC_13860_06
9 but you that blame this diuersnes] But you, this diuersnesse that blamen STC_13860_06 diuersnes] dyversnes AAH02 dyvernes LEge08 most.] most AAH02 moost LEge08 most, STC_13860_06
10 chaung /] Chaunge AAH02 chaunge LEge08 Change STC_13860_06 nomore] no more AAH02 LEge08 no more, STC_13860_06 on] one AAH02 STC_13860_06 oon LEge08 rate.] rate AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06
11 trete /] treate AAH02 trete LEge08 Treat STC_13860_06 ye] you STC_13860_06 well] well: STC_13860_06 &] and AAH02 STC_13860_06 ye] you STC_13860_06 the same state.] in the same state AAH02 in thesame state LEge08 in that state. STC_13860_06
12 and whilis] And while LEge08 STC_13860_06 whilis] whyle AAH02 doth] dothe AAH02 doeth LEge08 werid] wearied AAH02 weried LEge08 STC_13860_06 goste.] goste AAH02 goost LEge08 gost, STC_13860_06
13 my] My AAH02 STC_13860_06 wordes] worde AAH02 LEge08 word STC_13860_06 nor] now AAH02 never] not AAH02 LEge08 STC_13860_06 varyable] variable AAH02 LEge08 variable, STC_13860_06
14 but] But AAH02 STC_13860_06 as] one AAH02 oon LEge08 one, STC_13860_06 yor] you AAH02 your LEge08 STC_13860_06 bothe] boeth LEge08 both STC_13860_06 ferme] fyrme AAH02 ferme LEge08 firme STC_13860_06 &] and AAH02 STC_13860_06 stable/] stable AAH02 LEge08 stable. STC_13860_06

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