Go burnynge siths vnto the frosen hert

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2    go brek the Ise with{w+t+} piteus paynfull dart
3    myght newir perse / and yf mortall praier
4    in hewyn may be hard / at lest I desire
5    that deth or mercy / be end of my smart
6    Take with{w+t+} you pain wherof I haue my part
7    and eke the flame / from whiche I cannot start
8    and leve me then in rest / I you require
9    go burnynge siths
10    I must go worke I se / by crafft and art
11    for trouth and faith in her is layd a par{p1}te
12    alas I cannot therfor assaile her
13    with{w+t+} pitefull playnt and skaldyng fyer
14    that owte of my brest / doth straynably start
15    go burnynge siths

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5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt (Rebholz 1978, 72), this poem was entered by H7. The speaker in the poem asks that his sighs break his lover’s icy heart. Although Wyatt’s poem is partially a translation of Petrarch’s Rime 153, Rebholz notes that Wyatt only translates the first quatrain almost verbatim and departs from Petrarch’s sonnet structure by transforming the poem’s form into a rondeau. Alternatively, Wyatt may have imitated an unknown French rondeau that was based on Petrarch’s Rime 153 (ibid., 338). The poem also appears in Tottel’s Miscellany under the title “The louer sendeth sighes to mone his sute” (2010, 82-83). Unlike the rondeau found in the Devonshire Manuscript, the version in Tottel’s Miscellany changes the poem to a sonnet structure by expanding the refrain and omitting the last refrain (Rebholz 1978, 338).

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7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 1 Go] Goo LEge11 GO STC_13860_08 burnynge] burnyng LEge11 burning STC_13860_08 siths] sighes LEge11 STC_13860_08 vnto] Vnto LEge11 hert] hart, STC_13860_08
2 go] goo LEge11 Go STC_13860_08 brek] breke LEge11 breake STC_13860_08 Ise] yse STC_13860_08 with] withwhiche LEge11 which STC_13860_08 piteus] pites LEge11 pities STC_13860_08 paynfull] painfull STC_13860_08 dart] dert LEge11 dart, STC_13860_08
3 myght] Myght STC_13860_08 newir] never LEge11 neuer STC_13860_08 perse /] perse LEge11 perce STC_13860_08 yf] if LEge11 mortall] that mortall STC_13860_08 praier] prayer LEge11 prayer, STC_13860_08
4 in hewyn may] In heauen STC_13860_08 hewyn] hevyn LEge11 hard /] herd LEge11 herd, STC_13860_08 I] yet I STC_13860_08 desire] desir LEge11 desire. STC_13860_08
5 that] That STC_13860_08 deth] death STC_13860_08 mercy /] mercy LEge11 STC_13860_08 be end of] be ende of LEge11 end STC_13860_08 smart] smert LEge11 wofull smart. STC_13860_08
6 you] the LEge11 thee STC_13860_08 pain] payn LEge11 payn, STC_13860_08 haue] have LEge11 part] part, STC_13860_08
7 and] And STC_13860_08 flame /] flame LEge11 STC_13860_08 whiche] which LEge11 STC_13860_08 start] stert LEge11 start, STC_13860_08
8 and leve] And leaue STC_13860_08 rest /] rest LEge11 rest, STC_13860_08 now] you LEge11 STC_13860_08 require] require: STC_13860_08
9 go] Goo LEge11 Go STC_13860_08 burnynge] burning LEge11 STC_13860_08 siths] sighes LEge11 sighes fulfil that I desire. STC_13860_08
10 go] goo LEge11 se /] se LEge11 see STC_13860_08 crafft] craft LEge11 STC_13860_08 and] & LEge11 art] art, STC_13860_08
11 for] For STC_13860_08 trouth] trueth LEge11 truth STC_13860_08 and] & LEge11 layd] laide LEge11 laid STC_13860_08 a parte] apart LEge11 apart: STC_13860_08
12 alas] Alas LEge11 Alas, STC_13860_08 cannot] can not STC_13860_08 therfor] therefor LEge11 therfore STC_13860_08 assaile] assaill LEge11 her] her, STC_13860_08
13 with] With STC_13860_08 playnt] plaint LEge11 complaint STC_13860_08 and] & LEge11 skaldyng] scalding LEge11 STC_13860_08 fyer] fier, STC_13860_08
14 that] That STC_13860_08 owte of] oute of LEge11 from STC_13860_08 brest /] brest LEge11 brest disceiuably STC_13860_08 doth] doeth LEge11 straynably] STC_13860_08 start] stert LEge11 start. STC_13860_08
15 go burnynge siths] Goo burning sighes LEge11 STC_13860_08

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