My mothers maides . when they dyd sow or spin

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3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 1    My mothers maides{es} . when they dyd sow or spin
2    they sang sumtyme A sonng of the filde{d,} mowsse
3    that{{th}+t+} for be cawsse her lyvelode was but thyn

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 4    wolld nydes{es} goo sike . her townisshe sisters howsse
5    SShe thowgt her sellf enduryd to myche paine
6    the stormy blastes{es} her cave so sore dyd sowse

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 7     that when the forows swym{_y}myd with{w+t+}the{{th}+e+}Raine
8    she must ly colld / and wett in sorye plyght
9    ande warsse then that / bare mete ther dyd remayne

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 10    Too comfort her / when she her howsse had dight
11    sumtyme A barly corne sumtyme A bene
12    for wiche she labord hard both day & night

7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 13    In herfyst tyme whylst she might goo & glene
14    ande when her store was stroyd with{w+t+}the{{th}+e+} flood
15    then welleawaye for she vndun was clene

8 Leave a comment on paragraph 8 0 16    Then was she faine to take in stide of fode
17    slype yf she myght her hungar to begille
18    my sisstar she hathe A lyving good

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10 Leave a comment on paragraph 10 0 Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt (Rebholz 1978, 189-192), this poem was entered by H8. This excerpt includes the first nineteen lines of a 112-line poem that adapts, and distinctly departs from in terms of style and content, the Aesopian fable “the country mouse and the city mouse.”[1]The complete poem appears in Tottel’s Miscellany under the title “Of the meane and sure estate written to Iohn Poins” (item 124) (2010, 95-98). H8 marks no stanzaic divisions and leaves the poem unfinished with “and” on the nineteenth line.

11 Leave a comment on paragraph 11 0 [1] For a discussion of Wyatt’s adaptation of the fable, see Rebholz (1978, 445-46).

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13 Leave a comment on paragraph 13 0 1 My] MY STC_13860_15 maides .] maydes AAH08 LEge23 maides STC_13860_15 dyd] did LEge23 do STC_13860_15 dyd sow or spin] do Sowe and Spinne AAH08 sow] sowe LEge23 STC_13860_15 or] & LEge23 or spin] and spinne: STC_13860_15 spin] spyn LEge23
2 they] They AAH08 STC_13860_15 sang] sing AAH08 STC_13860_15 sumtyme] sometyme LEge23 sumtyme A sonng] a songe made AAH08 a song made STC_13860_15 A] a LEge23 sonng] song LEge23 filde] fieldishe AAH08 feld LEge23 filde mowsse] feldishe mouse: STC_13860_15 mowsse] mowse AAH08 LEge23
3 that] That STC_13860_15 for be cawsse] forbicause LEge23 STC_13860_15 be cawsse] because AAH08 lyvelode] lyvelood LEge23 liuelod STC_13860_15 was] but AAH08 thyn] thynne AAH08 thinne, STC_13860_15
4 wolld] woulde AAH08 Would LEge23 STC_13860_15 nydes] nedes AAH08 LEge23 STC_13860_15 goo sike .] go se AAH08 STC_13860_15 sike .] seke LEge23 townisshe] Townishe AAH08 townyssh LEge23 townish STC_13860_15 sisters] systers LEge23 howsse] howse AAH08 LEge23 house, STC_13860_15
5 SShe] She STC_13860_15 SShe thowgt] she thought , AAH08 the thought LEge23 thowgt] thought, STC_13860_15 sellf] self AAH08 LEge23 selfe STC_13860_15 enduryd] endured AAH08 LEge23 STC_13860_15 myche] greevous AAH08 much LEge23 greuous STC_13860_15 paine] payne AAH08 pain LEge23 paine, STC_13860_15
6 the] The STC_13860_15 stormy] stormye AAH08 cave] Cave AAH08 caue STC_13860_15 dyd] did AAH08 LEge23 STC_13860_15 sowse] sowse: STC_13860_15
7 that] That AAH08 LEge23 STC_13860_15 forows] furrowes AAH08 STC_13860_15 forowse LEge23 swymmyd] swimmed AAH08 STC_13860_15 swymmed LEge23 Raine] rayne AAH08 rain LEge23 rayne: STC_13860_15
8 she must ly colld /] She’must lie colde, STC_13860_15 ly] lye AAH08 LEge23 colld /] colde AAH08 cold LEge23 and wett] & whete LEge23 wett] weett AAH08 wet STC_13860_15 sorye] sorrye AAH08 sorry LEge23 sory STC_13860_15 plyght] plight AAH08 LEge23 plight. STC_13860_15
9 ande] And AAH08 and LEge23 ande warsse] And worse STC_13860_15 warsse] wursse AAH08 wours LEge23 that /] that AAH08 that, STC_13860_15 mete] meet LEge23 meat STC_13860_15 mete ther] meat theare AAH08 ther] there LEge23 STC_13860_15 dyd] did STC_13860_15 dyd remayne] did remain LEge23 remayne] remaine STC_13860_15
10 Too] To AAH08 LEge23 STC_13860_15 her /] her, AAH08 STC_13860_15 her LEge23 howsse] house AAH08 STC_13860_15 howse LEge23 dight] dight: STC_13860_15
11 sumtyme] Somtyme AAH08 sometyme LEge23 sumtyme A] Sometime a STC_13860_15 A] a AAH08 LEge23 barly] barley AAH08 corne] Corne / AAH08 corn : LEge23 corne: STC_13860_15 sumtyme] somtyme AAH08 sometyme LEge23 sumtyme A bene] sometime a beane: STC_13860_15 A] a AAH08 LEge23 bene] beane AAH08
12 for] ffor AAH08 for wiche] For which STC_13860_15 wiche] whiche AAH08 which LEge23 labord] laboured AAH08 LEge23 STC_13860_15 both] bothe AAH08 boeth LEge23 day] daye LEge23 &] and AAH08 & night] and night, STC_13860_15 night] nyght LEge23
13 herfyst] harvest AAH08 LEge23 haruest STC_13860_15 tyme] tyme, STC_13860_15 whylst] when AAH08 whilest LEge23 while STC_13860_15 might] myght LEge23 goo &] goe and AAH08 goo & glene] go and gleane. STC_13860_15 glene] gleane AAH08 glyne LEge23
14 ande] And AAH08 STC_13860_15 and LEge23 when] wher LEge23 her] LEge23 store] stoore LEge23 stroyd] stroyed AAH08 LEge23 STC_13860_15 flood] flodd LEge23 floode: STC_13860_15
15 then] Then AAH08 STC_13860_15 welleawaye] well away for AAH08 well awaye LEge23 weleaway STC_13860_15 for] AAH08 vndun] vndone AAH08 LEge23 STC_13860_15 clene] cleane AAH08 cleane. STC_13860_15
16 faine] fayne AAH08 LEge23 stide] steede AAH08 stede LEge23 STC_13860_15 fode] foode AAH08 fode, STC_13860_15
17 slype] Slepe AAH08 slepe LEge23 slype yf] Slepe if STC_13860_15 yf] if LEge23 she] shee AAH08 myght] cowlde AAH08 might, STC_13860_15 hungar] honger AAH08 STC_13860_15 hounger LEge23 begille] beguyle AAH08 begile LEge23 begyle. STC_13860_15
18 my sisstar] My sister (quod AAH08 STC_13860_15 sisstar she hathe A] syster she / hath a LEge23 she] she) AAH08 STC_13860_15 hathe] hath AAH08 STC_13860_15 A] a AAH08 A lyving good] a liuyng good: STC_13860_15
19 And] And hence from me she dwelleth not a myle AAH08 And hence from me she dwelleth not a myle. STC_13860_15

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