My pen take payn a lytyll space

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3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 1    My pen take payn a lytyll space
2    to folow that{{th}+t+} whyche dothe me chace
3    & hathe in hold my hart so sore
4    but when thow hast thys browght to passe
5    my pen I pri{p`}the wryght nomore

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 6    Remember oft thow hast me eaysyd
7    & all my payns full well apeaysyd
8    but now I know vnknowen before
9    ffor where I trust I am dysceavyd
10    & yet my pen thow canst no mor

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 11    Atyme thow haddyst as other have
12    to wryght whyche way my hope to crave
13    that tyme ys past with{w+t+}drawe therffore
14    syns we do lose that other save
15    as good leve off & wryght no more

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 16    yn worthe to vse another waye
17    not as we wold but as we maye
18    for ons my losse ys past Restore
19    & my desyre ys my Decaye
20    my pen yet wryght a lytyll more

7 Leave a comment on paragraph 7 0 21    To love in vayn who euer shall
22    off worldlye payn yt passythe all
23    as in lyke case I fynd wherfore
24    to hold so fast & yet to ffall
25    alas my pen now wryght no more

8 Leave a comment on paragraph 8 0 26    Syns thow hast taken payn thys space
27    to folow that whyche dothe me chace
28    & hathe in hold my hart so sore
29    now hast thow browght my myn{_y}de to passe
30    my penI pri{p`}the wryght no more


9 Leave a comment on paragraph 9 0 Attributed to Sir Thomas Wyatt (Rebholz 1978, 266), and entered by H2, this poem focuses on authorship and literary rivalry.

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11 Leave a comment on paragraph 11 0 1    pen] penne STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     payn] payne STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     lytyll] lytle STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
2    to] To STC_26053.5.3     folow] folowe STC_26053.5.3     that whyche] the thing that STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     dothe] doth STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     chace] chase STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
3   &] and STC_24650.5_05     & hathe in] And STC_26053.5.3     hathe] hath STC_24650.5_05     hold] hold, STC_24650.5_05     hart] harte STC_26053.5.3
4    but] And STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     thow] thou STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     thys] this STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     browght] brought STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     passe] passe: STC_24650.5_05
5    my] My STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     pen] pen, STC_26053.5.3     prithe] pray the STC_26053.5.3     prithe wryght nomore] praye the wryte no more. STC_24650.5_05     wryght] write STC_26053.5.3     nomore] no more. STC_26053.5.3
6 Remember] Remembre STC_26053.5.3     oft] how STC_24650.5_05  STC_26053.5.3     thow] thou STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     me eaysyd] oft pleased STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
7    & all my payns full well apeaysyd] And al my sorowes also eased STC_24650.5_05 And my sorowes also eased STC_26053.5.3
8    but] But STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     I know vnknowen] vnknowen , I knew STC_24650.5_05 vnknowen I knew STC_26053.5.3
9    ffor] That STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     where] wher STC_24650.5_05     dysceavyd] deceyued STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
10    &] And STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     thow] thou STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     canst] canst do STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     more] more. STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
11    Atyme] A tyme STC_24650.5_05 A time STC_26053.5.3     thow] thou STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     haddyst] hadst STC_24650.5_05 haddest STC_26053.5.3     have] haue STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
12    to wryght] To wryt STC_24650.5_05     to wryght whyche] To wryte which STC_26053.5.3     whyche] whych STC_24650.5_05     crave] craue STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
13    that] That STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     tyme] time STC_26053.5.3     ys] is STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     past] past, STC_24650.5_05     withdrawe] wythdraw STC_24650.5_05 withdraw STC_26053.5.3     therffore] therfore STC_24650.5_05 therefore STC_26053.5.3
14    syns] Sens STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     do] doo STC_24650.5_05     that] and STC_24650.5_05 let STC_26053.5.3     save] saue STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
15    as] As STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     leve] leave STC_24650.5_05     leve off & wryght] leaue of, and write STC_26053.5.3     off & wryght] of, and wryt STC_24650.5_05     more] more, STC_24650.5_05 more. STC_26053.5.3
16    yn worthe to vse] And vse to worke STC_24650.5_05 And vse to worke STC_26053.5.3     another] an other STC_26053.5.3     waye] way STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
17    not] Not STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     we] ye STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     wold] would STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     we] ye STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     maye] may STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
18    for ons my losse ys] For els my lyfe is STC_24650.5_05 For els my life is STC_26053.5.3     past] paste STC_26053.5.3     Restore] restore STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
19&] and STC_24650.5_05 And STC_26053.5.3     desyre] desire STC_24650.5_05     ys] is STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     Decaye] decay STC_24650.5_05 decaye STC_26053.5.3
20    my] and yet my STC_24650.5_05     my pen yet wryght a lytyll more]  STC_26053.5.3     yet wryght a lytyll more] now wryt no more. STC_24650.5_05
21    love] loue STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     vayn who euer] vaine whosoeuer STC_24650.5_05 vayne who so euer STC_26053.5.3     shall] shal STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
22    off] Of STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     worldlye] worldly STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     payn] payne STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     yt] it STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     passythe] passeth STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     all] al STC_24650.5_05
23    as] As STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     lyke] like STC_24650.5_05     case] case, STC_24650.5_05     fynd] find STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
24    to] To STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     fast] fast, STC_24650.5_05     &] and STC_24650.5_05 and STC_26053.5.3     ffall] fal STC_24650.5_05 fall STC_26053.5.3
25    alas] Alas STC_24650.5_05 Alak STC_26053.5.3     wryght] wryte STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     more] more. STC_24650.5_05
26    Syns] Seyng STC_24650.5_05     thow] thou STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     payn] payne STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     thys] this STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
27    to] To STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     whyche] whych STC_24650.5_05 which STC_26053.5.3     dothe] doth STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     me] the STC_26053.5.3     chace] chase STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3
28  &] and STC_24650.5_05 And STC_26053.5.3     hathe] hath STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     hold] holde STC_26053.5.3     hart] hert STC_26053.5.3
29    now] And now STC_24650.5_05 ndA now STC_26053.5.3     hast]  STC_26053.5.3     hast thow browght my mynde] to haue brought this STC_24650.5_05     thow] thou STC_26053.5.3     browght my mynde] hast this brought STC_26053.5.3
30    my] My STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     prithe] pray the STC_24650.5_05 STC_26053.5.3     wryght] to wryt STC_24650.5_05 write STC_26053.5.3     more] more. STC_24650.5_05

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