Sigla of Manuscripts & Early Printed Books Associated with the Devonshire Manuscript

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AAH Arundel Castle, Duke of Norfolk Arundel-Harington MS.
CCorCambridge Corpus Christi College MS 61.
CCor168Cambridge Corpus Christi College, 168.
CFf.5.14 Cambridge University LibraryFf.5.14.
CFinCambridge Cambridge University Library MS Ff.1.6.
CGg4.12Cambridge Cambridge University Library MS Gg.4.12.
CGg4.27Cambridge Cambridge University Library MS Gg.4.27.
CPep2006Cambridge Magdalene College Pepys MS 2006.
CPep2553Cambridge Magdalene College Pepys MS 2553.
CSJCCambridge St. John’s College MS 235.
CTri599Cambridge Trinity College MS 599 (R.3.19).
CTri600Cambridge Trinity College MS 600 (R.3.20).
CTri652Cambridge Trinity College MS 652 (R.4.20).
DBlaDublin Trinity College MS 160.
DCosV.iiDurham University of Durham MS Cosin V.ii.13.
DCosV.iiiDurham University of Durham MS Cosin V.iii.11.
EBanEdinburgh National Library of Scotland Advocates MS 1.1.6.
L4797London BL Additional MS 4797.
L12044London BL Additional MS 12,044.
L16165London BL Additional MS 16,165.
L18752London BL Additional MS 18,752.
L28635London BL Additional MS 28,635.
L28636London BL Additional MS 28,636.
L30513London BL Additional MS 30,513.
L34360London BL Additional MS 34,360.
L36529London BL Additional MS 36529.
LCOLondon BL Cotton Otho A.XVIII, burned, Transcript at Cat. 643, M.4.
LDevLondon BL Additional MS 17,492.
LEgeLondon BL Egerton MS  2,711.
LHar78London BL Harley MS 78.
LHar372London BL Harley MS 372.
LHar1239London BL Harley MS 1239.
LHar2280London BL Harley MS 2280.
LHar2392London BL Harley MS 2392.
LHar3943London BL Harley MS 3943.
LHar4912London BL Harley MS 4912.
LHar7333London BL Harley MS 7333.
LHenLondon BL Additional MS 31,922.
LMBLongleat Marquess of Bath MS 258.
LProLondon Public Record Office MS SP 1/246.
LRoyLondon BL Royal Appendix 58.
LSLCLord Salisbury Library Cecil Fragment.
LSlo3501London BL Sloane MS 3501.
LSlo1710London BL Sloane MS 1710.
NHOsbNew Haven Yale University, Beinecke Library Osborn MS 13.
NYMorNew York Pierpont Morgan Library MS M817. Campsall Hall, (f  2r [sold at Sotheby’s, August 10, 1942, to Quaritch]).
NYPlimptonNew York Columbia University Plimpton 276.
OxAdd287Oxford Bodleian Library Additional MS C.287 (Bodl 29640).
OxArc24Oxford Bodleian Library MS Arch. Selden B.24 (Bodl 3354).
OxArc56Oxford Bodleian Library MS Arch. Selden supra 56. (Bodl 3444).
OxBodOxford Bodleian Library MS Bodley 638 (Bodl 2078).
OxDigOxford Bodleian Library MS Digby 181. (Bodl 1782).
OxFaiOxford Bodleian Library MS Fairfax 16 (Bodl 3896).
OxJesOxford Jesus College MS 39.
OxLauOxford Bodleian Library MS Laud misc. 99 (Bodl 1123).
OxRawCOxford Bodleian Library MS Rawlinson C.813 (Bodl 12653).
OxRawFOxford Bodleian Library MS Rawlinson F.163 (Bodl 14655).
OxRawl_poet_108Oxford Bodleian Library, Rawl. poet. 108.
OxTanOxford Bodleian Library MS Tanner 346 (Bodl 10173).
PLatPhiladelphia University of Pennsylvania Latin MS 35.
SGSSir George Stephens.
SHunELSan Marino Huntington Library MS EL 26.A.13.
SHun114San Marino Huntington Library MS HM 114.
SHun140San Marino Huntington Library MS HM 140 [olim Phillipps 8299].
SHun143San Marino Huntington Library MS HM 143.
SHun744San Marino Huntington Library MS HM 744 – [olim Ashburnham 133, post Gollancz].
Vesp. F.iii (F. 81) Henry Stuart letter to compare with handwriting on 57r of LDev

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Early Books

STC 5068 Chaucer, Geoffrey. The workes of Geffray Chaucer newly printed, with dyuers workes whiche were neuer in print before (ed. Wylliam Thynne). T. Godfray, 1532.
STC 5069 Chaucer, Geoffrey. Anr. ed.  The workes of Geffray Chaucer. [R. Grafton for] W. Bonham, 1542.
STC 5074 Chaucer, Geoffrey. Anr. ed.  The workes of Geffray Chaucer. [R. Grafton for] R. Toye, 1550?
STC 5075 Chaucer, Geoffrey. The workes of Geffrey Chaucer, newlie printed. 1561 edition.
STC 5076 ——- 1561 issue.
STC 5077 ——- 1598 edition.
STC 5078 ——- 1598 issue.
STC 5079 ——- 1598 variant.
STC 5080 ——- 1602 edition.
STC 5081 ——- 1602 issue.
STC 5088 Chaucer, Geoffrey. Here begynnneth the boke of Fame made by Geffray Chaucer; with dyuers other of his workes.  R. Pynson, 1526?
STC 5095 Chaucer, Geoffrey. The noble and amerous auncyent hystory of Troylus and Creseyde in the tyme of the syege of Troye. Compyled by Geffray Chaucer.  W. de Worde, 1517.
STC 12143 Gower, John. Io. Gower de confessione Amantis. T. Berthelette, 1532.
STC 13860 Howard, Henry, Early of Surrey. Songes and Sonettes, written by the ryght honorable Lorde Henry Haward late Earle of Surrey, and other. R. Tottel, 1557 (5 June).
STC 13861 ——- Anr. ed. R. Tottel, 1557 (31 July).
STC 13862 ——- Anr. ed. R. Tottel, 1557 (31 July).  [Reprint of STC 13861 with minor verbal variants].
STC 13863 ——- Anr. ed. R. Tottel, 1559 edition.
STC 13863.5 ——- 1559 edition.
STC 13863.7 ——- 1559 edition.
STC 13864 ——- 1565 edition.
STC 13865 ——- 1567 edition.
STC 13866 ——- 1574 edition.
STC 13867 ——- 1585 edition.
STC 13868 ——- 1587 edition.
STC 26053.5 Wyatt, Sir Thomas.  A Boke of Balettes. [Anon.] [W. Copland? 1549?]. TEX (ff. 44-45 only).
STC 20402 Proctor, Thomas.  A gorgious Gallery of gallant Inuentions … by T.P. 1578.
STC 20519-19.5 Puttenham, George.  The Arte of English Poesie.  1589.
STC 24650.5 The Courte of Venus.  Newly and diligently corrected with many proper Ballades newly amended.  1563? French (STC 24650.2)
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