Wo worthe the fayre gemme vertulesse

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2    wo worthe that herbe also that dothe no bote
3    wo worthe the beaute that ys routhlesse
4    wo worth that wyght that trede eche vnder fote
5    and ye that ben off beauty croppe and rote
6    Iff therwythall in yow be no routhe
7    than ys yt harme that{{th}+t+} ye lyuen by my trouthe


4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 Transcribed by TH2, this entry is an excerpt from Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde (Book II, lines 344-350)—a long poem based on Petrarch’s Rime 132. TH2 most likely copied from Thynne’s edition of Chaucer (c. 1532). In this excerpt, Pandarus tries to convince Criseyde to love Troilus by insisting that her beauty includes compassion (i.e. “woe be to fair things that have no virtue, thus you do more harm by living if you be fair and unvirtuous”). This passage is a continuation of the excerpt preceding it (91r). Both passages may be considered as a single excerpt, but the pages preceding and following these (“yff all the erthe were parchment scrybable” (90r) to Back Matter (93v) contain seven-line passages separated by flourishes. The “woe- be-to” structure of “Wo worthe the fayre gemme vertulesse” gives the excerpt an individual character that can be clearly differentiated from the three-line organization of “Yff yt be so that ye so creuel.” Furthermore, the mark above the passage on “for loue ys yet the moste stormy lyfe” (91v) resembles a half flourish, which may indicate its separation from the preceding text. There is also an example of a continuous section on “for loue ys yet the moste stormy lyfe” (91v) and “Also wyckyd tonges byn so prest” (91v(2)) spanning lines 778-791 of Troilus and Criseyde’s Book II that has been divided into two separate seven-line passages by flourishes. Therefore, this seven line excerpt may constitute an independent entry. The Devonshire Manuscript contains numerous other verses from Troilus and Criseyde (see the Commentaryon “And now my pen alas wyth wyche I wryte” (29v)).

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6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 1 worthe] worth T5068.20 gemme] Geme T5068.20
2 wo] Wo T5068.20
3 wo] Wo T5068.20 ys] is T5068.20
4 wo] Wo T5068.20 wyght] wight T5068.20
5 and] And T5068.20 off] of T5068.20 beauty] beaute T5068.20
6 Iff] If T5068.20 therwythall] therwithal T5068.20 yow] you ne T5068.20
7 than] Than T5068.20 ys yt harme that] to harme T5068.20 my] by T5068.20

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