yff all the erthe were parchment scrybable

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1    yff all the erthe were parchment scrybable
2    spedy for the hande / and all maner wode
3    were hewed and proporcyoned to pennes able
4    al water ynke / in damme or in flode
5    euery man beyng a parfyte scribe & goode
6    the faythfulnes yet and prayse of women
7    cowde not be shewyd by the meane off penne


3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Transcribed by TH2, this excerpt of the Chaucerian poem The Remedy of Love (lines 239-45) was probably taken from Thynne’s edition of Chaucer (c. 1532) and represents the only excerpt of this particular Chaucerian poem in the manuscript.[1] This selection is in praise of women. TH2’s transcribed excerpt from Hoccleve, “Womans harte vnto no creweltye” (89v), features a similar theme. TH2 separates the passages on this page with flourishes. The Devonshire Manuscript contains various other medieval and Chaucerian excerpts (see the Commentaryon “Womans harte vnto no creweltye” (89v)).

[1] Thynne was the first publisher to print The Remedy of Love in his edition of Chaucer’s works. Skeat omitted the poem from Chaucer’s canon in his edition (1905).

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5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 1 yff all] If al T5068.10 parchment] parchement T5068.10 scrybable] scribable T5068.10
2 spedy] Spedy T5068.10 hande / and] hande/and T5068.10 all maner wode] al maner wode T5068.10
3 were] Were T5068.10 hewed] hewed T5068.10 proporcyoned] proporcioned T5068.10 pennes able] pennes able T5068.10
4 al water] Al water T5068.10 ynke / in] ynke/in T5068.10
5 euery] Euery T5068.10 goode] good T5068.10
6 the faythfulnes] The cursydnesse T5068.10 prayse] disceyte T5068.10 women] women T5068.10
7 cowde] Coude T5068.10 shewyd] shewed T5068.10 meane off penne] meane of penne T5068.10

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